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About Us.

Lords VPS brings the opportunity of Lords Mobile in conjunction with Lords Bot in a safe, secure, yet powerful environment to run the best supplemental platform to any game anyone has ever seen.  Lords Bot escalates the fun of IGG's Lords Mobile game and allows guild leaders to provide a safe and efficient environment for all.  IGG's lack of responsiveness to account reportings is not entirely shocking.  Now one wants to deal with that.  Lords Bot offers a fantastic guild management platform that can run on almost any Windows PC from the last decade.  But using Lords VPS to set up your environment to use Lords Bot on a cloud server means you never worry about keeping your own PC up and running 24x7! The game is FAR more fun when you can partake in cross-guild or collaboration events like a Monster Hunt Bus and you don't have to worry about waiting for someone to let you back into your guild.  An automatic whitelist lets approved players in and ranks them back up.  There's 100's more features in Lords Bot that should be able to be used and deployed without needing higher IT skills.

Lords Bot bridges that gap and will deliver a fully provisioned Virtual Private Server (VPS) and hand you the keys to your new kingdom of Lords Mobile Guild and/or Account Management!!  Having a dedicated server through Contabo for a very small price is HIGHLY worth it's price in all of the automation Lords Bot provides.  Lords VPS will connect you with your opportunity to play with the big boys.  While attacking and war features do not exist within Lords Bot, it really provides the opportunity to keep more players interested in the game by joining their guild's bot system to maintain shields or be able to provide game gift codes automatically to everyone in the guild.

There's never been a more prime opportunity to reach beyond the borders of the Terms of Use.  IGG could very well block this if they wanted to.  But they fully understand it improves the gameplay and, in turn, actually makes them more money as many players who wouldn't have stayed otherwise are now participating more and even spending more.  I can assure personally that more than 20% of the players in my guild spend money on the game still specifically because of Lords Bot integrations in our guild.

We wholeheartedly believe Lords VPS guarantees improved gameplay.  Yes, guaranteed.  We guarantee that our setup will improve your gameplay no matter what package you select with us.  Whether you spend money on or play Lords Mobile for free, TIME is the real investment.  Protect your investment with the guidance of Lords VPS.


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